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The tourism travel industry in Cambodia is mainly seasonal and covers the major conurbations of the country, it is the country’s main source of income source.

The country is the tourism capital of South East Asia and hundreds of foreign tourists choose Cambodia every year to enjoy its historic and cultural heritage, natural beauty, as well as to enjoy a scintillating cultural and historical scene.

Cambodia has a tropical climate. The summer proves to be the most colorful as the skies are full of colourful tropical rain and the ground is covered with exotic greenery. The magnificent Freedom Monument is built along the river and becomes a great spot for picnics. The ruins of the beautiful French colonial era architecture are interesting to explore.

For those who wish to explore the remains of the French-Colonial era, a visit to S21-E is highly recommended.The French runS21-Eis situated just outside of the city in an area known as the “fence”. This is the original site of the French colonial administration and a frequent supplier of mangoes during the dry season.Aside from the exotic vegetation, the tourists can taste a variety of delicacies in the midst of a haunting quiet neighborhood.

Another destination within the former French colony, is Dewong, found in the southern province of Cambodia. The city has quite a history to speak of. Dewong was once the religious and administrative center of the French colony in Cambodia and was briefly the capital. now it is just a business and commercial center. The traveler can see a French- Simplicity style houses and eat at one of the numerous restaurants and bars.

Phnom Penh is the largest city of Cambodia and is found in the heart of the Angkor Sachet real estate. The city was once the center of French colonial development.aces to the contrary, the city is the tomb of the long since deceased ex Monsieur Le Prestre de Marmara, the founder of the French colony in Cambodia. The Church of Angkor Wat is also found in this city.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a city with a rich cultural heritage and the Sugar Museum. Hanoi is theion of French colonial architecture and the French navy dominates the port with a major standing as the museum of 46 cannons. The Sugar Museum displays the actual working Restomodell manufacturing center. Hanoi is the site of the Basilica de Phnom Penh as well as the mausoleum of Phnom Penh’s Last Emperor Namhuy.

haverith templeis the center piece of the Angkor complex and one of the few surviving temple groups from the Golden Age of the Angkor empire. The temple clearly portrays the overall style of Angkor pottery and perfectly demonstrates the handiwork of the renowned Khmers.

The ruins of Angkor Wat in and around the site are a constant source of controversy. The site itself is fraught with problems of its own; Mount Agung swells to dangerous heights during rainy seasons, the ancient irrigation system failed and was followed by a devastating earthquake in 1483, and scores of tourists lost their lives in calamity.

The problems are compounded by the actions of the Burmese government and its cronies. There has been a decades-long effort to destroy Angkor Wat as aaze and devastation to the site that is tantamount to architectural suicide.

Since 911, the city of Angkor has been under Siege, and the sights are no longer as you remember them. The dehydration that the dry heat under a mostly mosquito-infested sky has caused has had its effect.

The signs of decadence is the notoriety of the one criminal complaint that has galvanized international attention — the killing of a group of Asian pearl workers on the orders of Thai king Tharrawaddy Min.

To the world’s sorrow, the reaction to the crime in the court of law has been lackadaisical. There has been no reaction, no nothing more than the usual admonitions that is the customary when one country’s law gets away with committing an international crime.

International Criminal Court watchers have been stymied at every turn. Their requests to have the trial relocated to another country have been denied. An independent international commission of inquiry has been established to examine the events surrounding the death of the king’s foster son, but it has no powers to actually bring the case before the International Criminal Court.

The finale comes at the closing of the Angkor Wat temple. The battle between man and technology is obvious.nin absolute and in our face. The knight of progress, Appleby Ha Long Duy has returned to haunt his own playground, bringing with him his own set of blond and blue-eyed riches.

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