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Vietnam Overview

“Vietnam”, the word conjures up images of war to the older generation and yet to younger folk, it’s an image of rugged mountain ranges, jungles, waterfalls and hillside villages dotted here and there, not to mention endless white beaches and sparkling waters that lap its shore.

Today, it is a peaceful land. The coastline, stretching to just under 3500 km in length includes countless unspoilt beaches and coves. Lagoons glisten in the warm air and every so often the palm or casuarina lined beaches are broken by immense sand dunes or rugged mountain outcrops.

It’s history is a lengthy one and it is a country, that over the last few thousands of years has seen many changes, progressions and regressions it is a land that moulds itself with time.

Evidence of habitation in Vietnam can be traced back 500,000 years or so and the country is riddled with archaeological finds and artefacts that tell us that agriculture was being practiced here as early as 7000BC. The sophisticated Bronze Age, Son Don culture emerged in Vietnam around 300BC.

Archaeological excavations have yielded evidence of contact with various nations during its growth and one of the earliest findings of this nature, is that of a Roman medallion with the head bearing the likeness of Antonius Pius, dating back to 152AD.

Throughout it’s many dynasties to Vietnam as it is today, mysterious and romantic it’s an adventure that will leave you wanting to visit again. There is so much to discover and new friends to be made, in this country where time seems to have stood still in so many ways.

Tourism is relatively new, so things may not be quite what you were expecting but you are going to be in for many pleasant surprises. One of these is the rapidly growing resort and hotel business and the infrastructure in general. From her jungle interior to her seemingly endless beaches, Vietnam has a lot to offer.

There’s a special charm here, it weaves it’s way into your soul so that once you’ve visited you’ll be back and why not, only rarely does a country excite and enthral one the way Vietnam does.

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