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Vietnam Airlines Ticket Booking Service


Class Frequency
HAN (Hanoi) DAD (Da Nang) C2VN
3 flights/day
HAN DIN (Dien Bien Phu) Y2VN 1 flight/day
2 flights/day
HAN NHA (Nha Trang) Y2VN 3 flights/day
HAN SGN (Saigon) C2VN
8 flights/day
DAD (Danang) BMV (Buon Me Thuot) Y2VN 6 flights/week
DAD HPH (Hai Phong) C2VN
3 flights/week
DAD NHA (Nha Trang) Y2VN 1 flight/day
DAD PXU (Pleiku) Y2VN 6 flights/week
SGN (Saigon) BMV (Buon Me Thuot) Y2VN 1 flight/day
SGN DAD (Danang) C2VN
4 flights/day
SGN DLI (Da Lat) Y2VN 1 flight/day
SGN HPH (Hai Phong) C2VN
1 flight/day
1 flight/day
SGN NHA (Nha Trang) Y2VN 3 flights/day
SGN PQC (Phu Quoc) Y2VN 2 flight/day
SGN PXU (Pleiku) Y2VN 6 flights/week
SGN UIH (Quy Nhon) Y2VN 1 flight/day
SGN VII (Vinh) Y2VN 5 flights/week
SGN VKG (Rach Gia) Y2VN 1 flights/day
PQC (Phu Quoc) VKG (Rach Gia) Y2VN 2 flights/day

Note on the air ticket fare:

These routes and fares are for Vietnam Airlines only, which is the main carrier for domestic flights. Flight frequency and fares are subject to change without notice.
Round trip fare counted as double of one way fare. Fares including VAT and domestic airport tax, but not fuel surchage.

The above rates are in US$, but actual rates may vary depending on the current exchange rates as ticket prices are in Vietnamese Dong. Y2VN: Economy Class; C2VN: Business Class.
Children’s fare: under 2: 10% of the adult rate; 2-12: 75% of adult rate; 12 up: adult rate.

How to book a ticket:

Email us at  to inform us of your booking details and your name exactly as it appears on your passport.

Note: Due to work load, we are sorry that, we only can serve air ticket booking together with hotel reservation.

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