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RV Pandaw Mekong Cruise

Pandaw Cruises are honored by the fact that so many past passengers return on a regular basis.
It is always a pleasure for our crew to see familiar faces once again. We are constantly striving to make our cruises more and more interesting, enhancing and embellishing itineraries wherever possible. In fact, the itineraries that follow are skeletal - in reality we see and do far more than indicated. Many old passengers tell us that no two cruises are ever the same.

We very much look forward to seeing our old friends again, on old or new rivers. Our success is not just in the beauty of our ships, the comfort and service offered, or even the fascinating lands we journey through. Much of our success over the past 10 years is the consequence of carrying such intrepid and generously spirited passengers.Comms

Cell phones, Sat phones (where permitted by local authorities) VHF and SSB radio, internal phone system, PA system and tannoy system for navigation purposes.
  • Number of ships: 1
  • Number of cabins on each ships: 24
  • Types of cabins: Double
  • Capacity: 48 pax/ship
  • Managed by: Pandaw Cruises Pte Ltd.,