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Vientiane Transport

Vientiane Transport. Departures from Vientiane are perfectly straightforward. The Domestic Terminal is in the older, white building east of the impressive International Terminal.1

Passenger boat services between Vientiane and Luang Prabang have almost dried up as most people now take the bus, which is faster and cheaper.

Occasional six-passenger héua wái (speedboats) run to Pak Lai or even Luang Prabang if there are enough passengers. Speedboats leave from Tha Heua Kao Liaw (Kao Liaw Boat Landing), which is 7.7km (4.8mi) west of the Novotel.

Buses use three different stations in Vientiane. However, it’s the new Northern Bus Station (tel: 260 255; Th T2) where you’re most likely to enter and leave the capital.