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Rise in number of tourists visiting Quang Binh

More than 1.5 million visitors arrived in central Quang Binh Province for its cavern system and burial site of General Giap in the first five months of the year.

 An increase of 300,000 tourists compared to the same period last year has facilitated the development of tourism and service sectors in the locality, according to the provincial Peoples Committee.

The increase is due to the rise in the number of Vietnamese citizens across the country visiting the burial site of the national hero General Giap in Vung Chua area. The management unit at the site estimated that the Generals grave receives 2,000 – 3,000 visitors per day owing to their love for General Giap as well as the scenic view at the site.

The locality is also a favourite destination to tourists from North American and European countries, Australia, Japan and Korea for its cavern system. The system includes Son Doong cave that was earlier this year listed by the New York Times as the top 52 destinations in 2014 to visit and many other manifested caves.

In May alone, 39 caves were discovered by experts from the British Royal Cave Association and the Ha Noi National Universitys College of Natural Sciences, and these caves are expected to lure more tourists to the locality during the remaining period of the year.

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