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Viet Nam House in Canada appeals to public

The Viet Nam House in capital city Ottawa, Canada, became a magnet for visitors after it was opened to the public on June 8.

Located at No. 85 on Glebe Avenue, the 101 year-old house designed by famous Canadian architect W.E. Noffke currently serves as the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy.

On its opening day, visitors were attracted to Vietnamese handicrafts along with paintings and pictures depicting the peacefulness and hospitality of the country.

Many of them expressed their hope to visit Viet Nam one day to explore such beauties on their own.

The opening of the Viet Nam House is part of annual activities to honour heritage buildings in Ottawa.

This year, more than 120 historically, culturally and functionally significant buildings opened their doors for the public’s viewing on June 7 - 8, for example the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, the Embassy of the US, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

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