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Takeo in Cambodia

Takeo- Cambodia travel guide: Phnom Da resort, Phnom da Yang, Neang Khmao temple, Chiso Moutain, Tonle Bati temple, Phnom Ta Mao Zoo..


Phnom Da is the oldest historical site in Cambodia. It is the former ancient capital of Nor Kor Kouk Thlork located at Kouk Thlork commune, Angkor Borey District, Takeo province in the distance of 102 Kilometers from Phnom Penh via Districts of Sam Roung, Prey Kak Bas and Ang Kor Borey in three-hour drive. Phnom Da has 24-kilometer distance from the provincial town of Takeo; in rainy Season, it can be reached by taking two-hour boat.

The temple of Phnom Da was built on a small mountain in 6th century by the King named Rut Trak Varman reigned lastly of Nor Kor Phnom time. Mr. Mi Bri No, the French historian explained that the temple made of laterite stone. It has no wall surrounded; it faces to the North; most peaks of the temple are damaged; the sculpture of stirring of sea of milk is broken into two parts; a fronton inscripted with figure of Vishnu sleeping on Treum.

At the mountain’s valley, there are five-man-made statues expressing the style of Phnom Da, and five caves which one of them was used as the cremation place during the period 1975-1979. At 500-Meter distance, Southwest of Phnom Da temple, there is another temple made of sandstone, the temple faces to the North, has one door and five windows, and adapts to the style of India, named “Asrom Moha Ey Sey”.

It is difficult to travel to Phnom Da because the area floods; the road is damaged caused by civil war during the past two decades. Anyway, Phnom Da has considerable local and international tourists who go there for visiting and researching the famous masterpiece of Cambodian ancestors during the ancient time of Koh Kok Thlork.

After 1979, the provicial authority of Takeo has constructed a canal called “canal No 15” linking from the provincial town of Takeo to Ang Kor Bo Rey District. This making easier to be accessible, but the road segment from Ang Kor Bo Rey to Phnom Da is still difficult for travelling.



Phnom Da

Located at Por Thi Rong village, Preah Bat Choan Chum commune, Kiri Vong District, Takeo province in 121-kilometers distance from Phnom Penh. The resort can be accessible by the National Road No. 2 in three-hour and 15-minute drive via the Districts of Ba Ti, Sam Rong, Daun Keo and Trang. If we drive from the provincial town of Takeo, we will take one Hour and 15 Minutes in 43-Kilometer distance. The temple of Ba Yang was built on the top of 313-metre mountain of Ba Yang in the 7th century 615-635 by the kings Mo Hen Trak Varman and Ey San Varman, the temple made of laterite stone, brick and other kind of stone. Nowadays, the temple is severely ruined, pieces of the temple spread on the ground, the top broken and the laterite fence also completely damaged.

Ba Yang is the historical site, which attracts local and international tourists to visit and research about the tourist potential and the heritage masterpiece of Cambodian ancestors. But now, the road is difficult to go there because the ancient roads are damaged and abandoned in the thick forest.

Water system to Ba Yang Mountain is a main factor for developing tourism in the area because if we do not facilitate access to the mountain, tourists can not visit there excepted researchers who still try to research about the Cambodian history.

In kiri Vong District,

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