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Khmer Lineage

Khmer Lineage. Unlike other civilizations, it seems that there was no clear-cut rule 6or regulation about who should succeed the throne when the king passed away.  Throughout the history of Angkor Empire, the royal brethrens of the same mother or different mothers often struggled for power, and the crown was taken by force.

It was found that the right to the throne was followed through the maternal line. The designated crowned prince was often challenged by his brothers or by the other princes of different lineage. In many instances, the throne was succeeded after the bloodshed battles.  In order to prove their rights and to acquire supports, the candidates often proclaimed that they were descendants of either Brahmin Kaundinya and princess Soma or Kambu and Mera, as these two legendary couples were believed by the ancient Khmers as their ancestors.

These incidences may not be surprising, if we traced back into the history further, the same practice had also been found since the time of Funan as written in the Chinese Chronicle.

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