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Cambodia Transports

Travelling by road in Cambodia can be quite an adventure. You will certainly take to1 the roads for some of your journey. For certain trips it’s the only option. The road will give you great access to the landscape and scenery of the country. You will also encounter the chaos of life, Cambodian style. It’s not unusual to be sharing the road with an unpredictable mix of vehicles: motorbikes, tuk tuks, horses or buffaloes, people walking and pushing carts, trucks speeding past at full throttle and school girls on bicycles. All of this makes travelling by road an experience not to be missed – but at the same time it can be quite uncomfortable. A lack of attention to road rules, less-than-perfect road quality and an almost universal aversion to wearing motorbike helmets, all combine to give Cambodia a high road fatality rate.

We recommend you limit your road travel to shorter journeys (no more than four hours). Any more tends to be quite uncomfortable. Please also be aware that journeys by road will often take a lot longer than you may estimate by looking at the map. Due to the road quality, the traffic conditions and sometimes the topography of the landscape, a 200-kilometre road trip can actually take up to 4 or 5 hours.

Air Travel in Cambodia2

Although there is no more National carrier in Cambodia, the country is quite advanced in terms of domestic air travel. A domestic company named Siem Reap Airways guaranties two safe and convenient daily flights between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The other airlines are local and are not reliable for the moment. The only airline used for the leg Phnom Penh to Balung (in the Ratanakiri Province) is PTM. More routes will be available soon.

Travelling by Train

There is no facility to travel by train in Cambodia. There are only two lines and the network is basic and joins Phnom Penh to Kampot and Phnom Penh to Batambang. Transportation by train is mainly for merchandise and is not suitable for travellers.

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